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Wednesday, 26 September 2007
Services Science is a co-located Industry Session of the 20th World Computer Congress (WCC2008 ). It gives a wide overview of the emerging discipline of Service Science, Management & Engineering (SSME). SSME, better known as Services Science,  is an emerging discipline that has the aim of innovating  processes and services for individuals and corporations within private and government service organizations. Actually services are a dominant share of current economies and account over 75% of the GNP in developed countries.Its domains has bee widely illustrated in the July 2006 issue of Communications of ACM. SSME domains include, respectively, on the science, management and engineering of services. Universities in US and Europe are starting to offer Programs on Service Science and the session is specifically on the Science and Engineering perspective. The Industry session will discuss Service Science from three complementary perspectives: IT Services, Business Services, Development of a Service oriented Knowledge and Culture. Sessions include speeches (with invited speakers) and exhibition/demo “space” on Design and Monitoring Tools for Services and Business ProcessesThe session is for IT experts who design business and IT services, management experts who define and evaluate business services, managers who actually run service organizations. The main focus is innovation in Services and innovative Services. For each topic, speakers will come from business and academic world.


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