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N/A A. Markley Lee (C.japonica)
N/A A. Pètelot (C.oleifera x C.hiemalis)
N/A A.A. de Castro Pereira (C.japonica)
N/A A.J. Downing (C.japonica)
N/A A.J. Pink (C.japonica)
N/A A.L. Rowse (C.reticulata C.japonica)
N/A A.O. Ellison (C.japonica)
N/A A.P. Fatherree (C.reticulata hybrid)
N/A A.W. Jessep (C.japonica)
N/A A.W. Mohr (C.japonica)
N/A Aaron's Ruby (C.japonica)
N/A Aaron's Ruby Variegated (C.japonica)
N/A Abate Allegri (C.japonica)
N/A Abate Bianchi (C.japonica)
N/A Abate Bianci (C.japonica)
N/A Abate Branzini (C.japonica)
N/A Abate Landino (C.japonica)
N/A Abbade de Parafita (C.japonica)
N/A Abbe de Beaumont (C.japonica)
N/A Abbe Mongein (C.japonica)
N/A Abbot Turner (C.japonica)
N/A Abbotsleigh (C.japonica)
N/A Abbott's Special (C.sasanqua)
N/A Abbotts Folly (C.hybrid)
N/A Abby Wilder Pink (C.japonica)
N/A Abd-el-Kader (C.japonica)
N/A Abe (C.rusticana)
N/A Abondance (C.japonica)
N/A Abratei (C.japonica)
N/A Abuendia Oliveira (C.japonica)
N/A Abundance (C.japonica)
N/A Abundance Rose (C.japonica)
N/A Accartocciata (C.japonica)
N/A Accordion (C.japonica)
N/A Ace High (C.japonica)
N/A Ace of Hearts (C.japonica)
N/A Acerbi (C.japonica)
N/A Achi. (Place Name) (C.japonica)
N/A Achizawa. (Place Name) (C.japonica)
N/A Acidalia (C.japonica)
N/A Acidalia Nova (C.japonica)
N/A Ack-Scent (C.japonica hybrid)
N/A Ack-Scent Pink (C.lutchuensis hybrid)
N/A Ack-Scent Red (C.lutchuensis hybrid)
N/A Ack-Scent Sno (C.lutchuensis hybrid)
N/A Ack-Scent Spice (C.japonica x C.lutchuensis)
N/A Ack-Scent Star (C.lutchuensis hybrid)
N/A Ack-Scent White (C.lutchuensis hybrid)
N/A Açoreana (C.japonica)
N/A ACS Jubilee (C.japonica)

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